In order to understand your orthodontic needs and create a personalized plan for your treatment, our orthodontist, Dr. Richard Risinger, can use digital panoramic X-rays in Glastonbury, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill and Marlborough, Connecticut. This is a comfortable and effective method for evaluating your smile, and they can let our team see more of your teeth and surrounding tissue than older X-rays would be able to show. When we are well-informed about every aspect of your smile, we can better determine the right orthodontic treatment for you.

In addition, digital X-rays are safer and less time-intensive than older X-rays. With this technology, our team can get a clearer, crisper image of your smile with only a fraction of the radiation and a fraction of the development time. And since the process creates a digital image, it can be enhanced and examined in greater detail than ever before. They are also easier to share with other doctors and can be stored more efficiently.

If you have any more questions about our digital panoramic X-rays, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can learn more when you call 860-633-8321 for your appointment at Risinger Orthodontics or when you come in to meet with a member of our team in person. We are excited to help you achieve your smile goals!