If you play any kind of sport or enjoy any sort of recreation that could result in damage to your teeth, you should wear a sports mouth guard. This is especially true if you have orthodontics. You need to protect your teeth at all times, and a blow to your mouth could damage your smile and your braces. Blows to the mouth are especially dangerous with braces, since they could break brackets, pop wires and cause damage to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Clear aligners can be less risky to wear for these sorts of activities, but they still present their own dangers. A blow to the mouth could break one of your aligners, costing you time and money to replace it and potentially setting you back on your treatment. Even if a blow does not break the aligners, they could be forced out of the mouth and stepped on or otherwise compromised.

Sports mouth guards are especially important after orthodontic treatment, too. Since moving teeth into their proper alignment is so difficult, it is always a shame when an accidental hit reverses the orthodontic work in a single moment. A sports mouth guard, custom-fitted to your new smile, is an inexpensive investment to protect the time and effort that went towards your new smile.

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