If our orthodontist needs to improve the way your upper and lower jaws come together, he may want to use a palatal expander in Glastonbury, Connecticut. This device can drastically improve your bite and can help you avoid the need for tooth extraction.

Sometimes, there just is not enough room in the jaw for all of your teeth to grow in. This can result in serious tooth crowding issues and an unhealthy, unattractive smile. Overcrowded teeth can be harder to brush, floss and examine for cavities and other problems. In addition, the irregular bunching can cause teeth to slide and scrape against each other in uncomfortable ways, wearing them down more quickly and leading to a host of other problems.

A palatal expander is used to spread out the bone of the upper jaw, which in turn helps the teeth on the lower jaw to join together with the top arch in a comfortable and healthy way. This can be used as a first step for other orthodontic treatment, or it can be a complete treatment on its own. Our team will make sure that your treatment is productive and helpful for your oral health.

Dr. Richard Risinger and our team can teach you more about this treatment option when you visit Risinger Orthodontics. Call 860-633-8321 to plan your visit and feel free to ask any further questions you have about palatal expanders. We are excited to help you on your path to a new, beautiful smile!