Our orthodontist, Dr. Richard Risinger, and team see children as young as age 7 for their orthodontic screening. This is an important step in your child’s dental health, and Dr. Risinger may be able to help your child with early orthodontics in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Call Risinger Orthodontics at 860-633-8321 to schedule your child’s visit.

By age 7, most children will have a few of their permanent teeth grown in, and seeing these alongside the remaining primary teeth allows our orthodontist to easily see if there are any irregularities in how their smile is growing in. This also helps your child become comfortable with our office and team if they do end up needing orthodontic treatment.

If we spot any issues, then we have different options to make sure they are addressed as soon as possible; the earlier orthodontic problems are dealt with, the quicker and easier the treatment is. We might want to have the child go with orthodontic treatment right way, or we might suggest they wait until more teeth grow in, they grow a little older or until the problem manifests completely, if there is a chance it might not materialize.

Any treatment options we suggest will always be with the health and happiness of your child in mind. We will teach you about whatever options you have for current or future treatment, and we will support whatever you decide is best for your child. The benefits of early orthodontics include reduced cost, reduced treatment time and less social distress for your child.